Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Are You the One?

I have learned that God rarely calls the equipped but equips the called.

 There have been so many times in my life when I was like Moses and said,

"Really God? 
I have no idea what I am doing 
and there are so many others more qualified to do what you are asking."

  It often never makes sense to me and there is a laundry list of reasons it is down right crazy and why I should run in the opposite direction.  I would be missing a few of my children if I had relied only on my human reasoning and not trusted God though.  What blessings I would have missed out on if I had went with the plan I had laid out for myself.  My heart hurts to imagine the voids in our lives.

So I ask this of you: Look through this list with an open heart.  Listen for God's prompting.  If He moves you to do something, no matter how crazy it seems, dive in head first.

I would in a heart beat, but after much prayer, God says it isn't the right time for us given the other plans He has set forth in our lives at the moment.  I hope one day again it will be though.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Many Blessings,
The Mama