Monday, December 12, 2016

Overnight Getaway

One of our favorite winter traditions is going to a local hotel to stay a night or two.  They have amazing discounted rates during their off season and lots of amenities.  We didn't do it last year while we were home for the holidays because we simply didn't have the funds but this year we squeaked out a night.

They have indoor basketball.

Hubby trying to guard Bubba who is 4 inches taller than him. Good luck.

Little Miss loves "playing basketball"

Princess actually did shoot some too but I was never quick enough to snap a shot of her.

A little help from Daddy

They have a nice kids play area in the pool area.

Little Miss taking a dip in the kiddie pool while the older ones do more basketball

On to the big pool. She had actually forgotten how to swim it's been so long.  She use to swim all the time when we traveled.  We were spoiled!

Princess was excited to join us.

Hubby trying to catch a nap.  He had worked that morning and has get up before 4am for his job.

This is why we homeschool her haha

Hubby got his second wind and was throwing the football around with the kids. 

The hotel has fireplaces throughout and we love to play games by the fire. Snuggle Bug talked us into Irishopoly(the Notre Dame version of Irishopoly). We never want to play because it's such a LOOOOOOONG game but we had a good time and ended up just setting a time to be done and whoever was in the lead was the winner(ME!).

The hotel also had a box of color books and papers along with crayons which kept the littler ones occupied. Oh, you might notice that Baby Girl is missing.  Grandma was kind enough to take her overnight so we didn't have to chase her around.  Thanks Grandma!!!!!

A little bored and upset she can't play the grown up game

Feeling better now that she got to roll on Sissy's turn for her.

She is always singing and dancing no matter where we are at.

Ping Pong is another amenity that we enjoy.

I'm not going to call anyone our but somebody actually spiked it on their 4 year old daughter lol

Not to brag but... I did beat Hubby in a game (but Bubba ended up beating me later on)

It was a great getaway after a really crazy last few months of getting the house in order and Hubby working long, tiring hours.  I have also been missing DOING stuff.  We were always seeing and doing new things on the road and now I feel like I just sit at home all day( we only have 1 vehicle) so I have been having trouble with that.  It's been a weird transition between the 2 lifestyles so this was very refreshing for me.

Many Blessings,
The Mama


  1. I have to know.what hotel this is we want to go here :)

    1. It is The Farmstead Inn in Shipshewana IN.