Saturday, December 10, 2016


We really don't get too much into Halloween here.  It seems like just another reason to spend a lot of money to me.  Our costumes have always been homemade.  SOme years we have trick or treated around town, others we have trunk or treated, one year we handed out candy, and last year we just went to the RV Parks halloween party(in balmy Florida-ahhh).

So October 31st arrived and I still hadn't given much though to what if anything we were going to do.  It had been a hectic month since we had been home and Halloween was pretty low on my priority list.

But at the last minute we decided to go around our new town.  So we threw together some costumes and headed out.

Snuggle Bug was a ninja, Bubba was a Red Box(he had a red square taped to his shirt and some DVD's sticking out of his pocket)-he is always one for the understated, witty costume, Sissy was a doe, Princess was a baker(she is holding a tray of play cookies), Little Miss was Sophia the First and Baby Girl was an Oompa Loompa.

Bubba and Sissy don't get to trick or treat anymore( our imposed rules that once you get taller than those handing out candy you have to stop) but they walk around with us as the little ones trick or treat.  I do buy them each a little bag of candy though so as not to totally miss out.

Snuggle Bug even made his own paper sword and paper ninja stars.  They were really impressive. And yes we had that black hood thing laying around(??). Little Miss already had her purple princess dress so I just drew and stenciled the white design that is on Sophia the First's dress on to it and bought her the crown at the dollar store. 

I was Green with Envy.  Get it??  I am wearing green and Hubby's name tag says "My name is Envy".

  Green. With. Envy. 

When you have 6 kids to get ready for last minute trick or treating that's all you have time to come up with. Cut me some slack.

I did Sissy's make up for her doe costume. Super easy. I just looked at a picture we googled. We bought a brown head band at the dollar store and Sissy used some brown material from home and tan paper from a paper bag to fashion the  ears.  It's amazing what you can do with hot glue isn't it? We bought a pack of pipe cleaners to form the structure of them. The headband was actually a Christmas reindeer one so we just pulled the antlers off.

I sprayed Baby Girl's hair green( can't really tell here though) and put on some orange face paint that we already had.  She has this super cute outfit that always reminds me of an Oompa Loompa so I just stuck some pants underneath it and went with it. She didn't actually trick or treat anyhow since she is allergic to dairy(aka- almost every candy).

It was nice to meet some of our neighbors and we finished the night off with some pizza which has always been our Halloween tradition. 

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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