Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hunger Games Catching Fire Movie Review

Just got back from seeing Catching Fire! 

 Bubba and Sissy finally talked me into letting them read the series this year and wanted to see the new movie also.  I was nervous because there are several places in the book where it says things like 'she swore out loud' or 'he cursed'.

Would they actually say it in the movie?

And then there is the fact that there are a couple more sensual scenes, no love making but some nudity.

Would they show that?

The Hubby and I really looked at the PG 13 rating to see why it was given that rating.  Among the reason it listed, "a suggestive scene" and "language".  We watched several different trailers and were relieved to see that in the one scene Finnick was covered up by way more than a net like it said in the book.  That gave me hope that the rest of the movie would be on the safe side.

So we decided to take the plunge and let them come with us to the premiere. I was very nervous. I was prepared to have to walk out with them if it was too bad.  

Here is my Family Movie Review:

Language : S word, D word, H word and SOB.  The last two were at the very end of the movie.   There was one time when a character 'said' the F word but it was bleeped because it was part of the interview the capital was putting in.  So in essence the capital bleeped it.  

Sex: One female character does undress but you only see this from the shoulders up and it is actually a really funny scene not a sexual one. Finnick is shirtless at one point but you can't even see his belly button because of some costume around his waist. There is some kissing.  Let's say there was less sexual-ness in the movie than there was in the book.  I was so relieved!

Violence:  Well it IS the Hunger Games.  But it isn't too bad.  Not much blood and gore. I don't want to say anymore because I don't want to give anything away.  

Book Compared to Movie: After the 1st movie I swore I wouldn't see the 2nd one.  I thought they did a poor job of encompassing what the Hunger Games were really like.  I felt like Peeta's character was totally miscast and he came out looking like a complete weakling.  But after seeing the previews for Catching Fire and knowing that they had a new director I decided to see it.  So glad I did!! It really captured the emotions this time.  I don't know whether Josh Hutchinson( who plays Peeta) understood the character better this time or if it was in the writing/directing, but Peeta finally seemed like Peeta from the book( Praise God!)-strong, in control, a caretaker.  And Peeta and Katniss actually had some chemistry this time around. They did a great job of sticking pretty close to the book.  We were very pleased.  

So it was a good night.  My mom watched Snuggle Bug, Little Miss and Princess at our house while we were our.  Big shout out to her!!  Thanks mom!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

Monday, November 18, 2013

Storm Damage

Compared to some communities I have nothing to complain about.  There were tornadoes around our area along with much of the midwest yesterday.  We arrived home after a usual Sunday at my in-laws to find the canopy to our gazebo on our back deck shredded.  It was a bummer.

*Ugh, my photos won't load for some reason.  I have pics to share later when I get the issue resolved.*

So this morning when it was light I went out to take pictures and I backed up to get a fuller shot and something in our attic area caught my eye.  We have a walk up attic and few sets of windows up there.  Well one of the panes of glass was missing.

Which makes perfect sense since the attic door was jiggling like crazy last night, which it sometimes does if there is a lot of wind.  We have couple of vents up there so sometimes there is suction, though this was the most it had ever rattled the door.  But I also noticed a horrible draft under the door that I have never  experienced in all of our 6 1/2 years here.  I put a towel down to block the draft and just chalked it up to the 60 mile an hour wind gusts.

So when I saw the missing pane of glass it all made sense.

I woke Bubba up to help me get the window covered.   Sissy and Snuggle Bug helped take care of Little Miss.

I had no idea at what point the window busted and how much glass and rain had come in but expected the worse.

But get this, the entire window pane was sucked OUT.  yep, out, not in.  The glass was all over the roof of our garage underneath it.  Not a shred of glass was in the attic.  Good for clean up but a little scary to think of what might have caused such a phenomena.

Our attic windows are old and I can't see being able to just get the window pane replaced but am praying that it can be done.  Otherwise we are looking at totally replacing those back two windows... $$$.

Again, compared to so many homes that were obliterated in the storms we are very fortunate.  But it still stinks.  Not sure if it will pay to submit a home owners claim.   We'll have to crunch numbers.

Never a dull moment around here =)

Many Blessings,
The Mama