Friday, April 11, 2014

Big News! Well Little Really...

So the next big announcement  that you would be expecting would be :

We Sold Our House!
Wow that felt REALLY good to type. One day, but not today.
So this is our big little news told by Little Miss:
Big Sister December 2014
Yep that makes SIX Kids!
Didn't expect that did ya?  Either did we lol  But that's how God works in life... if you let him.
We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9

So what does this mean for our travel plans? It means we should have gotten a bigger trailer!!

We still feel that God wants us to RV cross country so I don't know if he will have us stick around here till after the baby's  arrival in early December.  Or if we will sell soon and take off for a few months and come back for the baby's birth.  We were, after all, already planning on coming back for the holidays.

And I hope it goes with out saying but we are thrilled.  A little surprised, but thrilled all the same.

We decided after Little Miss to leave our family size up to God.  We almost missed out on such a blessing with her if left to our own plans that we decided to never let that happen again.

I've always said that maybe we were done growing our family, maybe God would have us adopt again or have bio kids or both.  Who knew.  And any of those scenarios were fine with us.  We just wanted to let God decide, not us. 

That is a very personal matter every family has to decide.  I just wanted to let everyone know where we were coming from on the issue.

We just found out last night and spent today trying to chase down local family members to tell them. 

So yeah, my mind is a whirlwind since last night pretty much.  But a good whirlwind filled with the smell of baby and  those cute newborn cries. 

Can you pray for me though?  In everyone of my pregnancies I have been terribly sick from the 6th week till the 16th week.  Like everyday throw up and it gets worse as the day goes on sick.  Like I can't drink anything with out gagging and am so dehydrated sick.  Like crying at the end of the 6th week because I know how many more weeks this sickness will last and I am positive I will never make it through it.  Pray that this time is different or I find SOMETHING that helps alleviate the sickness!!! 
Many, Many, Many Blessings
The Mama


  1. Yay!!!! God couldn't have blessed this baby with a better family! Can't wait to meet him/her (or maybe twins) and shower them with my slobbery Aunt kisses!

  2. Congratulations, guys! So happy for you all...hugs...