Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Morning Sickness and Trailer Update

Like clockwork.  When 6 week hit last Friday, I was feeling nauseous.  This time has been a bit different though( so far) as it began with me being hungry every hour.  I would have to eat right away unless I would feel sick.  Now I get about that same thing, but it never feels like hunger.  I just start feeling like throwing up and know I need to eat something else to keep my belly full.  Though it is heading into that tricky stage where some foods aren't settling well on my stomach and some sound downright gross. And most things that do sound good are bad for me.  The non-processed lifestyle goes out the window for me at this point lol

Even though the feeling of nausea is pretty constant through out the day, at least I can somewhat control the severity.  I may gain 20 lbs my 1st trimester, but oh well.  I am just looking at one week at a time and that is helping me too.

We got the bigger trailer and I have pics of it.  But there is this strange phenomenon that happens when I am sick with pregnancy.  Anything that is/was going on during that time, I attach my sickness to that.  For example:  When I was pregnant with Little Miss, I had just started serious couponing.  I had to stop during that period of sickness because, well I was sick.  But for a year after I had Little Miss, I couldn't do anything with coupons.  I instantly associated with being sick.

Or when I was sick with Little Miss, the kids were learning a Thanksgiving song to perform at a little concert they were giving to our friends and family.  I heard that particular song for the first time a few months ago and I started gagging!!

Now I am starting to associate being sick with the trailer.

So the Hubby has ordered me not to do ANYTHING in regards to the trailer so I don't have that same bad connection.  Now I try not to think about the RV or anything to do with camping.  Hence why I haven't done an update post on whether we go the Salem or not.

That's the scoop and I am not going to think about it anymore! lol

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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