Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Too Much

I am still pretty sick and more than a little overwhelmed with everything. Sophia has jaundice so we have to use a light therapy blanket which I can't figure out how to make it work for us. Meaning I can't manage to breastfeed her while she is hooked up to it so she is barely on the blanket. Hubby came home sick today and the boys and Princess are starting to cough. Sophia gets tested at the drs tomorrow again(3rd time since we left the hospital) to see if her bilirubin levels are going down. And I am at that very painful point in breastfeeding where I just want to give up. I am also pumping in between feedings to supplement to try and help flush the bili out of her. So far though she hasn't had any flu symptoms praise God!!!!!!!! Please cover Sophia in prayer that she remains free of any sickness and just keep praying for us in general here. It feels like complete chaos. Thanks for checking in and sorry to be so negative.

*For those that haven't seen the Facebook updates, I went to the ER Sunday night with fever, bone racking chills, terrible cough, and some difficulty breathing. After 5 hours there they tested me for Influenza B and I was positive. We got home at midnight and hubby returned to work bright and early Monday. We are not sure if that is what Little Miss and Baby Girl were also sick with Thursday and Saturday.

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