Friday, May 23, 2014

11 Weeks Bump, U/S pics, Bdays, Easter, etc

Been pretty quiet on here, sorry.  Just been busy and not feeling well.  
But, praise God, I am finally starting to feel better!  Woo-hoo!  

We've had 1 showing since last we chatted. They liked the house but the layout didn't work for their needs.

Snuggle Bug turned 9 last week!  

Here he is getting a metal detector that he is clearly very excited about. 

 Sissy made her own Easter dress this year.  She designed it, picked out the material and paid for everything herself.  And because she is so stinking skinny we had no pattern to go by!  So we winged it.

 Bubba started baseball.  We will be having 3 games a week soon( including Saturdays-ugh). 
 It is certainly a commitment but I enjoy watching him play.  

 Here is our family pic from Easter Sunday

And here is my 11 week pregnancy pic. I took it this morning.

Getting thick around the middle.  Can't wait till I officially have a baby bump and don't just look chunky.

Here is my 11 week pic from Little Miss 

I also got an U/S a couple week ago to be sure of dates.  The Dr. thought I may be farther along than originally thought, but no luck.  lol

But we got to see the little jelly bean( well he/she is the size of a lime now).  

To the right is his/her head.  You can see the little arms and legs too sticking out. I was 9 weeks 3 days.

Here the head is to the left.  And it had it's little arms up under it's chin and it's legs curled up.  
We could see him/her moving it's arms around. 

Tomorrow is Little Misses 2nd Bday! 

Just a small little party with our immediate family and G'ma and then a celebration on Sunday with the Hubby's parents and siblings at their house.  Very low key.  I have learned that parties shouldn't be stressful.  It takes the fun out of them.  Sometimes simple is best.

I pray you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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