Tuesday, June 10, 2014

No Heartbeat

I had an OB appt yesterday.  I was 13 weeks 3 days.  I have been feeling good, the sickness is almost gone but I am just completely exhausted now.

But the Dr couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. He tried for quite awhile to no avail.  So he set up a Hold and Call U/S.  Which is that after the U/S I stay there till the results are in and they phone the Dr.  I suppose if it was bad news the Dr might come in or I would go see him even.

My appt was at 2:20 and at 3pm the receptionist was calling over to schedule the U/S which ended up not being able to be done till 4:45.

I really wasn't nervous at this point.  I was more excited to get another U/S.  I had had no signs of miscarriage.  Although, I am aware that sometimes a miscarriage will start happen after an U/S confirms that the baby died.  So didn't feel totally out of the woods, but fairly confident.

So we arrive for my U/S at 4:45 and were told that the U/S tech called 20 minutes ago to say that there had been an accident and she had gotten tied up in but was about 30 minutes away.

More waiting.  

Time is not my friend.  The more I have time to think about things, the more worked up I get.  So I was feeling much more nervous at this point and just wanted to know-kind of.

Plus my bladder was screaming to use the bathroom from the massive amounts of water they make you drink before an U/S.

At 5:30 the receptionist comes over to say the tech called in and was still sitting in traffic with no signs of it moving.

We could either just wait till the tech eventually showed up, which could be hours given the info that was coming in on the accident( sounded like a pile up) or we could reschedule for tomorrow morning( today).

Neither choice sounded good.

We were also told that the 2 other U/S techs had been contacted to come in but they were "in a meeting" apparently learning a new system.

Ok, the U/S tech stuck in traffic can't help that.  But 2 other techs were simply in a meeting and neither could come to tell me if my child was alive or not?!!  This really irritated me. It was clear by my orders from the Dr. with it being a hold and call that this was important.  And it said on my papers it was for an absent fetal heartbeat.

And then the receptionist says that morning is pretty full we will have to do it later.

Seriously?  There is no one that can be bumped so I can get in sooner since I already have to wait overnight?

I found it so uncaring and callous.  And don't worry, I will be letting the hospital know of my experience.

So we made the appt for 1pm and left.   Which they ended up calling and changing to 12pm anyhow.  I am glad it is earlier, but I don't think it had anything to do with helping me.  It has to do with helping them with their schedule.

So, today at 12 I will have my U/S.

We went to an awesome talent show last night that a friend of ours was in.  It was all Christian music and it did my worried soul good.  By time it was over I was at peace.

I am still feeling good this morning and while there is a tinge of "what if" in my head, I am more excited to see the baby and maybe, just maybe, find out the gender =)

I would still love prayers because it never hurts.  I will be sure to update when we get home today.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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