Monday, August 25, 2014

24 Week Belly

I am 24 weeks 3 days today and haven't taken a pic in awhile.  So here it is.  

 I put my 24 week 3 day pic of when I was pregnant with Little Miss side by side with my pic today.  A little rounder on the top of the belly which I carry high with my girls anyhow.  Of course this is also my 5th pregnancy and each time I show more and more since my muscles are stretched out from previous pregnancies. Still on track to gain the same amount with both pregnancies though-27lbs.

Feeling absolutely exhausted lately.  Been getting Braxton Hicks which are very uncomfortable and annoying. Feels like I am carrying a bowling ball around when they hit.  Any amount of walking seems like a marathon to me.  That's hard when you have a VERY active 2 year old to chase around!  The older kids have all been very helpful though.

Seems too early to be experiencing all that but I am 34 yrs old now, no spring chicken and I will be entering my 3rd trimester in just a couple weeks.  Which means at the end of this week there will be only 13 weeks till the baby arrives( since I will have a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks)!!  That is just crazy talk.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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