Saturday, November 15, 2014

36 Weeks,Apple Recipes w/no refined sugar, Cloth Diapering and Dresser Redo

I was 36 weeks yesterday.  Feeling VERY pregnant and sore.  I am ready to trade the pain of pregnancy for the pain of a C-section recovery.  I am ready to trade sleepless pregnancy nights for sleepless newborn nights.  I am just ready! 

I have made my packing list which oddly I found difficult given the fact that I am having a winter baby which I have never had before and that I will be attempting to nurse again after a 14 year hiatus. 

We have a very busy month so the time is flying by.  There is 2 weeks and 6 days till the baby's arrival!  I met with the surgeon who will be performing my surgery and got everything officially on the books for early December 5th.

I've been trying to finish up all my Christmas shopping so I don't have to worry about that after the baby comes.  It would be easier if I had the money now lol

I refinished a $20 dresser:

This is an image I found online but it's the exact same dresser just a 3 drawer instead of a 4 like I got.
I needed to find a new one for Little Miss so I could put her changing table/dresser in our room for the new baby.

Wow, the lighting is bad.  But after 3 coats of white paint,an accent color of teal-ish, and an awesome husband who put on my new drawer pulls I think it came out fantastic!

I also got all my cloth diapers in!  Yay!  We have been using them for Little Miss for nap and bedtime and they are awesome!  It is amazing how far they have come with cloth diapering. 

It's so stinkin' easy( pun intended).

I got most of my info from this fabulous lady on youtube:

Click on the link to learn more about all the different ways to cloth diaper. 

After looking at some different reviews online, watching the youtube videos and talking with some friends I decided to  go with Bum Genius Flip Diapers and Inserts. 

You can use them from 8-35 pounds.  All you got to do is some laundry.  You reuse the outside diaper(cover) and then you have inserts you stick in after each pee/poo to 'change' the diaper.  

So I have 8 covers and I think 25 inserts.  Enough to last a few days with a baby. 

Easy peasy!

On the house front, we have had no call for a 2nd showing after the initial one post fire.  I can't say that I am upset.  The thought of a showing right now is terrifying in the midst of everything else.  

We did put our trailer in storage for the winter.  Shout out to Terry who helped us find a great deal! 

Got to go and use up the rest of our 2 bushels of apples( bushel=48lbs) to make a couple pies for the holidays to stick in the freezer and some more crockpot applesauce with no refined sugar
I was way skeptical of messing with my grandmother's applesauce recipe but did a small batch to try it out and WOW!!  It is the best applesauce we have ever had.  It could be a dessert.

The link doesn't tell you to put in the crockpot but I found another crockpot applesauce recipe( but with sugar) and decided to use that method but the other recipe.  So I just peel and slice my apples( actually the kids do that part) and then cut each slice in half to make chunks.  Then throw everything in the recipe in the crockpot( low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4), till the apples are soft.

Then I just get my potato masher out and Snuggle Bug loves to mash it all up.  

I make a double batch each time and then put it in a gallon freezer bag or container and stick it into the freezer.  

I've also made some Apple Crisp with no refined sugar, another scary recipe but we all thought it was so yummy.  I made Apple Bread with no refined sugar.  I added small chunks of apples to it but it did increase the baking time because of the added moisture( I added 2 cups) so the outside got a little done but it was yummy.  I also doubled the cinnamon.

I made Apple Fritters with refined sugars but with whole wheat flour.  And of course we've been eating tons of plain ole apples the past month, which are anything but plain 'ole.  We used Fuji(sweet apple) for applesauce and crisp and Golden Delicious for the bread and will use it for the pies(tart).  

We also made some apple cider and that is what I was using for my applesauce recipe too when they called for juice or cider.  I used fuji apples for that.  This also makes some left over applesauce but it's a bit heavy on the spices but still ok.  Be sure to leave the cinnamon sticks in the cider while in the fridge.  Makes a big difference.

Ok so with all that said I still have to go make applesauce and pies!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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