Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Month in Review

  1. Emma is doing better, not as fussy.  Still not sleeping or laying down on her own though.  We'll try to conquer that later.  But she is more content between feedings. Here is Emma and her Nana having some snuggle time.
  2. Nursing is going MUCH better.  Those 1st two weeks are brutal, the 3rd gets a little better and by the 4th week you really feel like you rounded the corner.  
  3. 6 out of the 8 of us have had the flu since weds.  And I think Emma is getting it now too.  It's been a rough week.
  4. We have a showing Thursday.  Which is good, but the house is a complete wreck with having everyone sick, not to mention the holidays and life with a newborn( who wants to be held all the time!).  Pray it all gets done without too much stress.
  5. Emma got Newborn pics taken a couple weeks ago!  She was 15 days old here. 
  6. Christmas was good!  We are blessed to have so many loved ones who buy for the kids so it lessens the amount we have to get each child.  Typically we get 2-5 presents each depending on the cost.  Bubba's face says it all in this 1st pic lol
  7. Hubby was gone 3 days at the end of December to watch his beloved Irish (Notre Dame) in the Music City Bowl. The kids and I survived pretty well while he was gone surprisingly. Here he is with his dad. 

And that was our month pretty much. Excited to see what the new year holds! 

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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