Monday, March 9, 2015


We're still plugging along here despite the lack of blog posts.  We've had two showings the past week and one back in January. The last two families were very interested and both took offer papers.  But neither had bank approval and that has been a main issue in the past for us.  People want the house but then go to the bank and find they can't get financing or enough financing.

We've also been doing some home improvements such as swapping out a ceiling fan in the foyer for this beauty:

  I really want to take down the wallpaper you see there in the foyer but it's so time consuming and I am lucky to have an hour or so between feedings with Baby Girl.  Finding time to shower is still considered an accomplishment for me at this stage.  

We are giving the bathroom a face lift also. Taking out the medicine cabinet and vanity lighting and refinishing the cabinets.  Got another paint color in mind for the walls too.  I will post pics when it's all done.

That's all I got time for now.  We are heading off to a viewing for yet someone else who died before their time.  44 years young with kids still in school.  Please pray for his family. 

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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