Friday, September 6, 2013

Places To Visit

I have compiled a list of people/things/places we would like to see on our journey.  We asked each of the kids to contribute with some places they would like to visit too.

  • Snuggle Bug: Statue of Liberty and David Copperfield Show in Vegas(he saw it on TV once)
  • Sissy: She sited several family members across the country, a fellow adoptive family in Alaska and the Ozarks(we read Where the Red Fern Grows)
  • Bubba: World Trade Center Memorial, family, Alaska and Niagara Falls.
When Bubba was littler and first saw the movie CARS, we had a discussion about Route 66.  He asked if one day I would take him on the real Route 66 and I said I would.  So that is also something we plan to do.

Here are some other noteable on our lists:

  • DC
  • Mount Vernon
  • Fredericksburdg VA
  • Biltmore Mansion  (we have seen it once but would like to take the kids along this time)
  • Creation Museum 
  • Hershey PA
  • Lincoln's Log Cabin IL
  • Mayflower Landing 
  • Grand Canyon
  • Caves
  • Redwoods
  • Ripleys Museum
  • Hoover Dam
  • A Plantation( think Forrest Gump)
  • Universal
  • Four Corners
  • Our town's 'sister' town in PA
  • Family/Friends in OH,VA,TX,MN,AK,KY,OR,WA,WI
But the best places will be those not planned.  Things we see going down the road that we will stop at, people we will meet.  We really do not want to use interstates and such.  Those road are wonderful for getting you somewhere quickly but no great for experiencing what the country has to offer.  And we are in no rush =)

I found this great site thanks to my friend R that tells you some unique sites you might go by on your way to your destination.

If anyone has any other things they think are must see's (or must do's) around the country or in western Canada comment and let me know!  I would like to go to Philadelphia on our way through to see the Liberty Bell and all that.  Bubba and Sissy have already been there on a missions trip through our church but I would still like to stop real quick.  I love history.

Oh, I kind of think it will be cool to meet the Roloff's on our trip(Little People Big World), if they still have their farm.  Have a great week!

Many Blessings
The Mama

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