Saturday, October 12, 2013

Family Pics and Nothingness

We're still here.  Just living life and enjoying our family for now.  Trying not to take anything for granted or rush life even though we are anxious to get on the road.  With us not knowing when we were leaving we opted out of everything we usually particulate in- scouts, homeschool co-op, flag football, tackle football, etc.  The only exception has been Weds. night church which we still attend. So it has been a nice season of nothingness.

We did list our house with a realtor a few weeks ago and had some showing this week.  We know the one went well, haven't heard about the 2nd showing.  I have already thanked God in advance for the offer that will be on our table next week though. =)  

In the mean time we got family pictures taken FINALLY.  It has been probably 6 years since we have gotten any done.  Needless to say those pics are missing a few members of our family.  So here are some of our prints.  ENJOY!

Many Blessings,
The Mama