Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guessing Game: NAME THAT HIVE!

1st the Cauliflower Soup from my previous post was great!  I added twice as much cheese and lots more salt and pepper though.  The family rated it out of 10 and here were the results per person: 10,9,8,9,6,4 and Little Miss wouldn't eat it which is no surprise as she is refusing most any food lately.

OK now to our game!  


200 points to anyone who ends up being correct! 

Little Miss seems to have several food allergies that I pray she will eventually outgrow.  She can't have apple juice( even diluted, but ok with plain apples), PB(allergic to the oils when they get on her skin, but seems ok to have PB mixed in things),some citrus fruits, and a few other things.

So here is the rash she has had for 3 days total now:

 Super blurry I know but she doesn't hold still to get a crisp picture. 

 What you are seeing is hives on her face.  She really hasn't eaten anything new and it seems like it must be something she has had each day as it keeps flaring up.

She use to show some sensitivity to cheese and then i reintroduced it and didn't see any side effects, but she has had some cheese lately so maybe?  She has had oatmeal, which she has often and never has had any trouble.  She seemed to flare up after having my chocolate chip cookies yesterday and a few bites today.  That has oats in it.

She also has had an egg casserole the last 2 days- eggs, sausage and some cheese.  But was thinking maybe it was the egg since that is in the cookie too, but again she has never shown a sensitivity to egg in the past.

I Don't Know!  

So I will just really strip back her diet, even though she is barely eating anything as is right now( due to stubbornness).  Hopefully it will clear it up and then maybe I will reintroduce some of the thing I suspect as triggers one by one and see if we can figure it out.

Another thought is that we had to get a new pack n play for her Monday night. She has never had a crib to sleep in and our other one broke so we had to get a quick replacement( I heart craigslist).  Lily has broken out in a facial rash from a pillow one time.  Have no idea what it was about it but something irritated her skin and we had to toss it.  She does have her regular sheet on her new pack n play but who knows.  But I am thinking that she had the rash before we got the new pack n play Monday anyhow.

I have extremely sensitive skin.  I actually have a condition called Dermographism so it shouldn't surprise me that my kiddos have skin issues.

So any one want to take a guess as to what is triggering Little Miss? 

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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