Monday, January 27, 2014

Help! I'm Frozen and I Can't Get Up!

Ugh.  This has been a BRUTAL winter here in the midwest.  We have had constant snow and constant frigid temps.  There is a Level 3 Emergency today.  What does that mean?  It means the roads are drifting because of fierce winds and the wind chills will be -25 to -35 today. BOO!! Even my husband has had a few days off of work because of the weather. Boo! Just kidding ;)  We love having him home.

It makes it even worse because we thought we wouldn't be here for the winter.  We thought sure we'd be be saying "Suckers!" as we enjoyed some warmer temps down south in our RV as people up here bundled up.  The jokes on us. Our winter has been filled with thawing out frozen pipes.  But as I looked outside today I thanked God for a warm, cozy house.

So, we have just been hunkered down.  We only go out for church( though sometimes we have even had to miss that) and I also venture out to grocery shop, but not today.  I had my schedule all made up last night and perfectly planned for today...until it was a Level 3 Emergency.

So what's a girl to do that can't go out but has limited food and a house full of hungry kids and a husband?  Time to get creative =)

We are also feeling ginormous spring fever.  Which is really bad when it's only January!!  So I am thinking about trying to do something out of the ordinary today to spice things up.  Not sure what exactly.  We've cranked the heat up before to 80 and donned summer clothes and had luaus while watching some summery movies.  Not sure our furnace can handle the strain today though.

I'll have to put my thinking cap on...

I finally got my pics loaded off of my camera.  They kept getting stuck at one video.  I had to erase it eventually and they loaded fine after that.  So I will leave you with some pictures of everyone over the last few months.

Stay warm!  And if you are already in a place that is warm-I hate you.

Our stay at a local hotel right before Thanksgiving.  Snuggle Bug and Little Miss are headed down to the basketball court.

Princess showing off her balling skills.

Little Miss hanging ornaments.

Little Miss pulled the computer on her little lap.  I took a pic and then told her no.

Bubba and Sissy with their annual Gingerbread Houses made of graham crackers and whatever left over candy and sprinkles we have in the house.

Snuggle Bug and his house.

The Hubby, Snuggle Bug and me at the Circus on Friday.  This was one of Snuggle Bug's Christmas presents.  Each child got an "Experience" this year along with a couple other gifts.  

Here I am doing my yoga in the morning ;)

Many Blessings,
The Mama

P.S.  We didn't have any showings in December being the holidays and then we had a couple showings right after the New Year. Now with freezing temps no one is doing much of anything of course.  So we just sit tight and wait for the right buyer! We are going to an RV/Camp show this weekend though, so that will be exciting =)

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