Friday, January 31, 2014

My Appliances have Caught a Deadly Virus

Apparently appliances can share deadly germs with each other because what started as a one sick appliance has turned into a full blown epidemic in our home.

It started with the washer this week.  Our expensive LG Steam front loader.  It stopped spinning.  With water in it.  That was interesting trying to figure out how to drain it so we could get the clothes out.  Your instinct is to open the door.  Don't do  that.  It causes a mess.

Then our blender broke.  That may not seem important but we use the blender a couple times a day at least.  I make a yummy green smoothie everyday with my lunch and the kids have one for snack.  I am frequently using it for some part of supper prep too now a days.  It lost a fight against frozen bananas.  That was Weds. night.

Today our stove/oven starting acting up( the really nice convection double oven that we just got in October, which was actually the 3rd or 4th one we have had in a year).  Eventually in the middle of cooking supper it had a full on revolt and started beeping at me and wouldn't stop.  We had no choice but to leave it unplugged.

All in one week.

And after all that, while still trying to salvage dinner( which didn't happen), all the toothpicks fell on me and the floor.  Just to add insult to injury.  I still haven't picked them up.  I am refusing.  I just told the kids to watch their step if they go into the kitchen.

Then while my husband is going out to get pizza, he notices lots of water in our garage.  At first he was thinking a pipe burst, but then realized the washer decided to fill itself back up with water all on it's own.  The water was leaking out because it simply couldn't hold anymore.


All of this is a mere nuisance compared to what so many others are dealing with right now.  A prayer just came across our prayer chain this week for a 10 year old who just found out they had stage 4 cancer and might not have much time left, a 4th grader had a relapse with leukemia and also a 4 month old who was headed to the children's hospital.  The baby either has a serious bone infection or cancer.

I can hardly complain about some dumb appliances.

I look at everything breaking down as great news too!  It must mean we are about to have something good happen ( I am going to assume with the house).  Otherwise, why would satan and his cohorts bother to pester and discourage us?  Quite pathetic actually.

We were also planning on using our extra income to pay off our pool liner and pump so it didn't have to come out of our equity of the house, thus having more money to travel with.  So I think those plans are trying to be thwarted too.

It's great to have confirmation that we are still on the path God wants us to be!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

P.S. Say a prayer for those 3 children I mentioned and their families.

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