Monday, October 6, 2014

30 Weeks Bump and Sissy's 13th Bday

Sissy turned 13 a few weeks ago.  We officially have 2 teenagers in the house.  Wow.  

She made her own cake this year-double layer yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and covered in fondant.

She wanted to go beachy so she looked up how to do the shells in fondant
( the 'pearls' are chocolate sixlets and the 'sand' is crushed waffle cones)

I think she did a fantastic job and it tasted yummy too!

Sissy had a couple friends over and all of us except Little Miss and Princess went laser tagging.  
We had coupons for 2 games but I was about to pass out after the 1st 30 minute game so I sat out the last one.  The girls then camped out in the trailer overnight.  I think they had a pretty good time.

And here are my 30 week pictures( technically 30 weeks 2 days)

I have 8 weeks 4 days till the new baby arrives!!!  

I am definitely feeling like  I am in the 3rd trimester.  In other words I am very uncomfortable.  But I am trying to relish these last few weeks of pregnancy as much as I possibly can.

Our house is on a no electronics challenge for the month of October
( that includes cell phones, ipods, computer, TV, etc)

But the Hubby and I do get 30 minutes on the computer each day since there are important things we have to check in on.

With that said, my 30 minutes are up!!  Got to go!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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