Sunday, December 7, 2014

Heading Home and More Pics...

We'll be heading home today. I could have stayed one more night and we really considered it.  Our main bath is on the 2nd floor of our house so staying at the hospital with a bathroom a few steps from my bed is very enticing.  But I get stir crazy and felt in 'go mode' this morning so I went with it. So we should be leaving sometime early this afternoon.

Before I go on I will post the pics you are waiting for ;)

Meeting Emma for the 1st time.  This is right before my blood pressure plummeted to about 40 over 20 or something crazy like that.  It happens with a C-section/spinal block sometimes and the anesthesiologist was on it right away and got it back up in no time.

Snuggle Bug 



Can't get over how tiny she is!

With her Daddy

Not the best picture of Emma but here is Little Miss holding her.
She loves to give her kisses and hold  her hand.

I love that it never gets old for any of the kids when a new baby/child comes into our family.

Princess did hold Emma also but there are no pics of it =(  We will have to be sure to snap some the next time and I will post them on here.  Princess was signing baby and kept going over to give Emma kisses on the head.

We've had a couple very sleepless nights here.  Emma has finally got the hang of nursing but has hit her 2 day old stage of "I want to nurse all the time".  
But I am very glad she has caught on to the whole concept.

I am sore  from the surgery of course but doing well.  I have a praise that this time they did not use staples to close my incision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just used glue and dissolving interior stitches.

My 1st C-section had like 25 staples and the 2nd I think I had 19.  The staples always have skin that starts growing over them or gets stuck around them so when they pull them out before I leave the hospital it isn't very comfortable.  And for anyone who knows me well, knows I have very sensitive skin
(actually have a condition called Dermatographism)

Oh! And thank you to those who signed up to bring us a meal this week and next!  It so very much appreciated!!!  It's s nice to not have to worry about grocery shopping or coming up with meals.  It's still tough for me to move around very much so supper time would be a little too taxing for me at the moment.  

Shout out to my in-laws and my mom for taking the other 5 kids these past few nights so Hubby can stay at the hospital with me!!!  

Hubby has been such a big help now that babies room in with their mom 24/7
( no nurseries any more).

Shout out to him too( Love you honey!).

Ok got to get lunch ordered and changed then we will be heading out fairly soon.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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