Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week One: Survived

It's been quite a week. 

 I remember saying when we had Little Miss that if all our babies could be as good as her we would have 10 more.  Our routine barely skipped a beat.

Well, we've had one more since then and it is quite obvious that Emma and Little Miss are very different babies!  Don't get me wrong, Emma is so adorable and we feel very blessed but she is not the happy, easy baby Little Miss was.

In all fairness, I didn't nurse Little Miss like I am doing with Emma.  This has presented many challenges this time around.  We had latch issues, constant nursing sessions( totally not exaggerating), etc.  I know in many ways breastfeeding is easier, but there are many ways that bottle feeding is easier also.

So I have been very tired, hormonal and quite frankly, sore.  Emma will not lay down on her own but has to be held all the time by someone.  This has really presented some challenges.  Luckily I have some great kiddos that have gone over and beyond to lend a hand and pitch in with Emma and the other littler ones.

We call Bubba the Emma Whisperer

He was the only one who could get her to calm down and sleep with out me having to nurse her.  We finally figured out it's because he bounces his leg with her.  She likes vibration!  We have no baby equipment with vibration though.  So I got the idea of getting one of those little back massagers that vibrate.  

This one to be exact:

It was like $7 at CVS and I just set it on her rocker or her bassinet to make the whole thing vibrate.  So far we have had some promising results.  Nothing earth shattering as of yet but there is hope.  

She's sleeping WITHOUT being held!
Do you see the massager at the top of her rocker?
It really is in there securely though in the picture it appears to be about to fall on her head.

This lasted about 15 minutes or so but STILL! 
 It's a step in the right direction.

We took Emma to the Dr's on Weds.  It was suppose to be on Thursday but her umbilical cord looked infected so they had us bring her in early.  It turns out it wasn't infected but was very irritated.  It was extremely swollen and bleeding.  Part of that was due to the fact that the hospital forgot to take off the clamp and it was catching on everything.  In turn, it was pulling the cord off prematurely.

Emma weighed 6 lbs 5oz, which wasn't terribly surprising due to the fact that she wouldn't nurse for the 1st day and 1/2 and then for the next couple days we were having latch issues. 

I think that sums up our week.  It wasn't pretty but we survived and things feel a little better now.

 It's not our old life by any means but we are finding a new normal...

And this new normal looks pretty darn sweet.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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