Friday, May 29, 2015

May Birthdays

Snuggle Bug had his 10th birthday this month and Little Miss had her 3rd.  I use to do big themed parties but I don't want the kids to expect that all the time and I don't always have the time to do it anyhow.

Snuggle Bugs birthday has fallen on the same weekend as Bubba's baseball tournament for the past couple years.  Praise God Snuggle Bug is understanding.  Which means he is ok with having his celebration in between games and hanging out there with his friends till the games were over.

And since Snuggle Bug turned double digits that means it's time for The Christian Overnight Sex Talk.  We are heading to a hotel tomorrow night with him (Baby Girl will be coming too).  Bye-Bye innocence...

Little Miss had a little bit of a theme with Frozen but very subdued( though there were SOOO many great ideas out there I really had to restrain myself).  I had to remind myself that she is 3. It doesn't take that much to impress her.  And if going all out for a party stresses me out and I am yelling at the birthday child, then it's not worth it.

Sissy made Frozen cupcakes and Snuggle Bug cut out some paper snowflakes that I added some glitter to.  Throw in some blue and white balloons, streamers, a table cloth and Frozen plates/ napkins, blue juice and there you have it.

I did draw a poster sized Olaf and printed out some carrot noses to play pin the nose. I also drew a snowman face on foam cups, stacked them and threw a balled up sock(aka snowball) at them.

We had a great time together. 

Many Blessing,
The Mama

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