Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Prepare The Boat"

It has been 2 years( July 1st) since God ambushed us laid this RV thing on our hearts.


I have been reminded over and over again of Noah and how it took 100 years from when God 1st told him to build a boat for a flood till when the flood actually happened. That is a looong time of preparing and waiting.  I wonder if Noah ever thought,"Is this really going to happen?"

So last month when I was praying earnestly for God to give me wisdom and clarity about where and what we should be spending our money on right now, I was impressed upon with this statement:


Over the next few days when I would wonder if we should do this or that project to the house it would pop in my head again:


Our 'boat' is our RV.  So I made a list of everything we would need to get the RV livable/functional for full-timing it.  And I stopped spending on the house.

We got some bigger ticket items like a Telescoping Ladder, a Weight Distribution Hitch( we settled on an Equalizer), X chocks along with little, but vital things like shoe racks and wire shelving for example.

I bought paint to start on the cabinets too.

I have no idea when our house will sell but I will be obedient and prepare our RV.  It does take faith to do this because it takes up money- money that could be used for other things.  Especially since Hubby has 2 weeks of shut down coming up at his job.  I would like to keep that money as a safety net to be honest.  It makes me feel secure.

But welcome to the world of FAITH!  It is operating WITH OUT a safety net, hence the faith part. And God wants to rely more on him than our bank accounts anyhow.

And guess what?

We had a family look at our house on Sunday who really wants it. They had already been to the bank to apply for a loan for our home.

Sunday night we were texting back and forth offers and answering questions like,"How soon could we take possession of the house?".

In the end we told them what we needed to get out of the house and they were going to talk with the bank to see if that amount was doable.

Tonight they said it was looking good.  They were getting other info to the bank that was requested.

So we'll see how it all shakes out.  Maybe this is the one and this is why God told me to 'prepare the boat.' Maybe it's not but it doesn't change that I will listen, follow and trust him.  

I will keep everyone up to date and will also be taking before and after pictures as we get the RV ready to live in it full time.

How do I feel about all this?  Excited to potentially be done with showings but terrified and sad to leave our family and friends and head into the unknown.

It's been a reality check that's for sure.  

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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