Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Quick note to thank everyone for the prayers for our appraisal this past Monday!  The inspector was a Christ follower also and loved to hear about the adventure we are about to embark on.  He also talked about various members of his family who are pastors and about his faith.  It was awesome!

There didn't appear to be any issues that will come up and he said that the report will be done in a week.  He thought that the July 2nd closing date may be pushing it but wasn't positive.  But we are proceeding with what info we have and that's that our closing is still scheduled for next Thursday.


Holy Crapola that's soon...

Been trying to go through things but we've been dealing with some sick kids this last week and Baby Girl only wants me.  So we've been using the front carrier a lot but that limits how much bending I can do.  I did tackle the homeschool cabinet today.  

Here is what it looked like before

See why I have been avoiding it?

Feeling a little overwhelmed and it's been surreal.  It hasn't sunk in yet. I took things off the walls and shelves today so that made it feel a bit more real.

Ok, got to hit the hey.  Bubba is leaving for a 3 day missions trip early tomorrow.  Pray that him and the others have a safe trip and that he can be the hands and feet of Jesus to others.  

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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