Thursday, June 18, 2015

Inspection Results

So we got through the inspection!  In the end the buyers asked us to take care of a couple electrical issues and that's it.  The repair guy is coming today so that will be done.

We are still waiting on our house to be appraised.  We thought we'd hear from them Tuesday to set up a time but still have no word.

The hard part is that I have been waiting to go through some things and get rid of furniture till after appraisal.

Our closing is set for Thursday July 2nd so I really got to kick it into high gear!!!  That's 14 days!!

And you know how it is.  you want to have everything out a day or two before so you can clean.  And then the new owners will have their final walk through 24 hours beforehand.  So that really leaves like 11-12 days to get stuff sorted and out of here. Of course we still have regular life going on too-jobs to go to, baseball games 3x a week, church camp, mission trips, nursing a 6 month old baby whose going through a growth spurt(meaning she is nursing all the time right now), birthdays, corralling a toddler, fixing meals(ok, we've been eating out a lot. you got me there),etc.  Can't regular life just pause when something like this is happening??

I've kind of disconnected myself from the emotional aspect of all this. I've had to just focus on what needs to be done.  The tears will come later...

On a more cheerful note-here is Baby Girl's 6 month picture:

She's babbling a lot more and just learned to shake her head.  

Many Blessings,
The mama


  1. oh my goodness! How exciting! Continued prayers

  2. Oh my! Congratulations on selling the house. I know exactly what you mean by disconnecting from the emotional part of it and yes the tears will eventually come after you slow down. But God has so much more planned for you I am sure. Praying for you during this time and as you start your new adventure.

  3. And thanks to you too Heather!