Saturday, June 6, 2015

Offer Accepted

We accepted an offer today.  

It was a bit lower than we wanted but after looking at numbers and ultimately praying about, we decided to trust God that he would make up the difference somehow.

It has been an emotional week to say the least.  You would think 2 years would have prepared us for this but it somehow hasn't.  We had many tears again this week and some panicking and questioning God ("Is this really what you want us to do God?  Because you know, we will be homeless after this...").

I am the first one to say that hope is a good thing.  I hate it when people say,"I don't want to get my hopes up."  I often think and sometimes say, "Why?!  Hope is a good thing!  It's what you do if the situation doesn't turn out how you want it that is the issue.  But hope is never a bad thing."

So what I'm about to say isn't meant to be pessimistic.

The buyers have an FHA loan.

I think my mouth dropped open and the blood drained out of my face when we found this out.  I asked if the lender knew our house was built in 1900 and the buyer said yes.

Older houses often have a hard time passing an FHA inspection.  Things were just different back then with regulations.  It's not that our house is deadly or there are shards of glass sticking out anywhere or holes in the floor that you will fall through.  It's just things like handrails weren't such a big deal back then and a chimney was considered a 'firewall', ya know?

The main thing with an FHA inspection is that the buyer no longer has the choice whether they want that issue fixed or not.  If the FHA inspector says it needs taken care of then it has to be taken care of or the deal is off.

Now, the buyer could potential be the ones to pay for repairs if the sellers won't.  Or the buyers could try to get a conventional loan.  Or the buyers could agree to pay more for the house( if the appraisal supports it) so the seller can have the funds to do repairs.  So there are options if things come up.

I feel like it will take an act of God to get the house past an FHA inspection.  But good news! We see 'acts of God' all the time in our lives as Christ followers!  Those things that seem impossible and insurmountable but then they work themselves out without a hitch.

So there is hope!

If it's in God's will then it will happen, if not, then it won't. Plain and simple.  Takes the pressure off of us.

If everything goes well then we would like to be on the road in August. So pray for the following:

  • A good FHA inspector and that anything that comes up requires minimal finances.  
  • That the appraisal comes in for enough.  The same  FHA guy that inspects the house will simultaneously do an appraisal. 
  • Pray that the underwriters work quickly.  

We are hoping that we will get the inspection/appraisal next week.  I'll keep you posted!!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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