Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Praise and a Prayer

The good news-

Our sidewalks were replaced by the city 8 years ago when we first moved in and it was a hefty bill that the homeowner's had to foot.  We made payments up until our very last one which fell right when Hubby had lost his job in 2012.  So that payment got put as a lien on our house.  We went to go ahead and pay it off today and were told it had already been paid through our escrow account and was taken care of!  That was $500 we didn't have to spend!!  Praise God!

The bad news-

Just heard that the title company is running a week behind which holds pretty much everything up( besides the inspection which is already scheduled).  Can you pray that things get sped up at the title company and that they get to our stuff sooner than expected?

Many Blessings,

The Mama

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