Saturday, August 1, 2015

The road less traveled...

People typically use the phrase The road less traveled as a metaphor. Not me.

This was the road we took our 39 foot travel trailer down today on the 1 st leg of our year long journey.

In the middle of the picture is a small strip of asphalt and on either side of that is gravel.

It was the worst road I have ever seen. It actually said "Rough Road" on a sign.

Because of a detour where our GPS went spastic and had us making u turn after u turn on tiny roads, we ended up journeying 20 miles on this splendid road. Every 20 ft or so there would be huge sections of road just gone. And I am not talking potholes here people. I mean like 5 foot sections minimum. It was the craziest thing. 

But after getting a very(very) late start on the day, a little bit of tempers flaring when GPS had us turn down what amounted to an alley and we had to back straightback across 2 lanes of traffic to get heading in the right direction again, the long detour,stopping to feed Emma and going to the store to pick up water and buns-

This is how we ended our day

the beautiful sunset at our 1 st campground in central Indiana.

It was a sad, hectic,scary yet exhilarating day.

And we'll get up tomorrow and do it all over again!

I am exhausted and heading to bed. Goodnight everyone.

Many Blessibgs,
The Mama

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