Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tonight's Meal and Music

We had about 10 people come for our meal tonight ( plus our family). We enjoyed talking with others and getting to know people.  We talked with some people long after the food was gone.

And for those that didn't come they still heard the worship music through out the small campground.

We have a video but we are having troubles uploading it.  Will get it posted later if we can.

Thanks for the prayers guys!  We are considering making A Meal and Music an on going thing.

Many Blessings,
The Mama


  1. I absolutely love reading your blog and have looked forward to it for so long. This is Cindy, we used to attend Grace, but moved. Congratulations on the new baby. What I am really looking forward to is to hear how the kids are handling the change. Maybe as an assignment you could have them write a bit about their take on all of this (daily/weekly) and include blurbs from their writings in your blog...would love to see that! Praying for you guys and looking forward to reading more! God Bless!