Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Newborn Shoulder

Newborn Shoulder.

That is what I am coining the term from the pulled muscles you get from holding and taking care of your newborn.

It's a pinched feeling in the shoulder blade area that radiates all the way up to the neck.  I hold Little Miss with my left arm so it's my left side that is in a vice.

They should tell you in the pregnancy books to practice holding a sack of potatoes in the months leading up to delivery so moms can build up those muscles.

So my well planned day of cleaning has gone to pot.  I can't pick Little Miss up or put her down without grimacing in pain.  And of course Little Miss is really fussy today with tummy trouble (poo problems) so she is wanting held a lot.

I've had to switch to holding her in my right arm to avoid as much pain as possible.  So then I had to prepare a bottle with my left hand.  It did not go so well.

I am so glad I have my other kids to help out though.  They are such a blessing.  That is a big difference from when I last had a baby.  Bubba and Sissy were just 4 3/4 and 3 1/2 yrs old when Snuggle Bug joined our clan.

But on the positive side, we don't have to go anywhere today so I can just hand around the house.  Where as yesterday Snuggle Bug had an eye appt in the morning with his pediatric ophthalmology ( he has strabismus- an eye that wanders when he is tired or reads a lot) that I took everyone to except the Filipina. She went to speech and OT with her dad). Then me and the 4 kids had to stop by Walmart after the eye Dr. to get some stuff then at one more store before heading home.

In the evening we went to a homeschool group meeting( that we are super psyched about and I will talk more about tomorrow).  I held Lily for the entire 2 hour meeting and we actually got there 20 minutes early so tack on that time.  I believe that is what flared up my Newborn Shoulder.

I put a heating pad on my back/neck right away this morning but after a few hours it hadn't helped and I just ended up sweating like a... *insert name of something that sweats a lot* ( feel free to write in the comment area what word you interjected here).

So that's my day.  Hope yours is better!!!

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