Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who Knew??

Who knew David Crowder (from David Crowder Band) was funny??   Between his heavy southern accent, his dead pan delivery, the fluctuation between self deprecation and cockiness and what seems like a good supply of hillybilly/redneck stories, he is down right hilarious.

For those not familiar with David Crowder Band they are one of the best in contemporary christian music.  The Hubby and I had the privilege to see him perform last night. along with some other well known artists.  

If your church sings contemporary songs then  you probably sing like a dozen of David Crowder's songs on a regular basis-O Praise Him,  Everything Glorious, and How He Loves to name just a few.

Here is his immensely popular(and powerful) song How He Loves Us -

So what does this renown artist look like who's been #1 on the billboard charts?  Just how you think-

Ok.  Maybe not. 

During the performance there was some technical difficulties so he filled the time by telling a story(this is how we found out how hilarious he is).  He said it was like we were all just sitting in the living room chatting.  But then he said that would never happen because if he ever showed up on our doorstep and we opened the door we would think, "Where did that hobo steal a guitar from??" LOL

David( I am going to pretend I'm on a first name basis with him) performed his song Open Skies and it was amazing since we were literally under open skies (outdoor concert).  The lyrics are, "Praise Him under open skies, Everything breathing praising God.  In the company, of all who love the king."  

Amidst hundreds and hundreds of people, maybe thousands( I really have no idea how many people), with the moon above and singing this song...wowza.

We also saw Sidewalk Prophets and Sanctus Real perform.  The Sidewalk Prophets singer also surprised us.  He is, well, bigger than I expected.  But this is what I love.  Last night we saw an overweight guy, a hobo(his words not mine!), and then a more GQ type guy who are all among the best in their profession.

It seems that Christian music has less stereo types than mainstream music.  I love how even though they were all very different on the outside, their hearts were all the same on the inside.  They were just loving Jesus and sharing that with others.

And let me tell you, the Sidewalk Prophets guy has some mad singing capabilities.  I mean seriously talented.  His high notes reminded me of Adam Lambert.  Weird comparison, I know.

All the kiddos stayed home with Nana and Papa so it was a nice little night out for me and the Hubby.  I did miss Little Miss though. Say that ten times fast( you just did didn't you?). I was busy yesterday and hadn't really held her much all day.  I got some snuggle time in before we all headed to be though.  So all is good now (=

I also realized as I was sitting at the concert why I am a bad blogger.  See, a good blogger would have been taking pictures to go along with their post about the performances.  So now guess if I brought my camera?

You're good.

So now tell me what fabulous things you did on your Friday night?

The Mama

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