Monday, July 2, 2012

5 week Pics of Little Miss

I have like 4 posts I am working on for the blog.  This is why I have yet to finish even one-

That is 25 pages of tax receipts and documents that we have to send in to support our claim for our adoption tax credit.  I know... you are jealous of all the fun I have been having getting those around and copied and itemized.  I lead such a titillating life.  

And the IRS expects me to fit all those papers in the envelope they provided:

Who says they don't have a sense of humor?

So anyway, I thought I would at least brighten your day with some  scrumptious pics of Little Miss at 5 weeks.  She is becoming quite the chunker.  Brace yourself.  These might be more cuteness than you can take in 1 day.  I'll post her picture from when she was first born so you can the difference in just 5 weeks.

4 days old

And the ones below are @ 5 weeks...

can you tell how hot it has been here?  Her hair is all mussed from sweat.

I know right?  In the words of Snuggle Bug, "She's so cute I just want to eat her up!"

And then the close up...
That's for you Grandma J.  Those cheeks are filling out quite nicely, huh??

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