Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Missed the Call

I missed Bubba's call tonight.  There are not enough unhappy faces to put on here that would express my sadness in this.

We were waiting for his call and Sissy and I went upstairs to lie on my bed and read through the new family fun( a little tradition of ours) and he called while we were up there. We were only upstairs about 15 minutes and he called 3 times during that period and left messages.  Messages that didn't say much in words but spoke volumes in tone.

This Mama's heart broke into a million pieces listening to the sadness in my boy's voice.

Even writing about it gives me that icky hollow feeling inside.

Neither Sissy or I heard the faint beeps on the answering machine when we came back downstairs.  We even have a phone up in our room!  But I took the handset downstairs last night when Bubba called so the Hubby and I could talk with him at the same time.  The main base(in the living room) rings even if the handset isn't on it, but obviously the secondary one in our room does not do that unless we would have heard it while looking through our magazine.

I feel sooooooooooooo horrible. And yes, I cried.  He sounded sooooo disappointed.  And there are only a few kids there whose parents aren't with them which makes it even worse to me.

We tried to quick text the adult's phone that Bubba always uses to call to see if maybe we could still talk to Jordan but it was almost an hour after he said he would have to be in bed.  And we never received a call back.

Did I mention how horrible I feel for missing his call?


The children's pastor that is with Bubba and the kids has been posting some pics.  We spotted Jordan in one from today.  The caption said Bubba and another boy from the missions group were leading prayer with some inner city kids-

Bubba has the Bengals hat on.  Can't see his face though.

I soooo wanted to hear about his day today. 


You can bet I will be carrying that phone around with me EVERYWHERE tomorrow.  I am praying that the adult whose phone we texted will allow Jordan to call tomorrow morning but I don't know.  I understand if they don't let him call though.  Rules are rules.

Well off to bed to further berate myself.

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