Friday, July 13, 2012

State of Chaos

My house is in a state of chaos right now.  Here's the proof:

I am finally tearing down the wallpaper in our dining room, living room, girls room and boys room.

Luckily, it's just the bottom half of the wall in the living room that I am tearing off and repainting a mocha kind of color.  And then the boys room just had spiderman border that actually pulled easily off(yippee!).

Alas, the dining room had 2 layers of wallpaper and so does the girls room.  Who invented wallpaper??  Whoever it was they need to be taken out and beat.  

Fortunately a lady from church let me borrow her wallpaper steamer.  So after we managed to get the 2 layers of wallpaper off we were just left with the backing stuck to all the walls which came off easily with the steamer, but still time consuming and mess inducing.  

The kids enjoyed having permission to rip the wallpaper off though with out getting yelled at as in previous younger years.

I am actually painting the dining room a dark blue from top to bottom  and then have lots of white and silver accents.  I have had 2nd thoughts about the color a dozen times since I got it.  But oh well, it's only paint(paint that's already purchased BTW).  

Here is what the decor was in the dining room before-

I am a patriot thru and thru but I don't like it in my dining room.  My blue is close to the color between those panels though.

Here is the living room before hand too.  Think purple-

The girls room will be grey and then I am painting their beds black and they will have different hues of pink.  The boys are getting blue and gold(bottom 3rd of wall) for their favorite team- Notre Dame.  

I also got 4 big volumes of our homeschool curriculum in the mail today.  So that is sitting in our living room along with our furniture that is pulled 2 feet from the wall.  What a mess!

I'll post pics of each room when we get them done.  There are some dents and nail holes i have to spackle in the dining room and a nice patch of mold that I have to bleach out.  I hate prep work.  I like to just jump in and do things.

Better get back to work-yay.  I mean, "Thank you Lord for making me healthy enough to be able to do all this work." (;

The Mama

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