Monday, July 16, 2012

Mission Possible

So Bubba left EARLY this morning( we had to get up at 3:45am YAWN) for a missions trip with our church.  As we speak he is traveling the 12 hour treck to a particular inner city to stay for 4 days.

Please pray for safe travel for him and the other 19- 5th graders ( and 15 adults).

It is the first time he will be gone this long from home.  He was a bit nervous of course.  While Bubba is silly and outgoing here at home and with those that know him well, he is quiet and reserved among strangers.

One of his goals on this trip was to make some new friends.  So also pray that he is able to be himself and that the other kids will be open to him.  And obviously we pray that he can be Jesus to all those he meets.

I did a care package up for him to take( another pinterest find).  Here is a picture of it-

Here is what I did:
Take an envelope for each day the person is going to be gone and put the initial of each day on the envelope ( M above stands for Monday obviously)

Then get a cheap map of whatever and cut some rectangles to glue in the inner area of the envelope that you see when you lift the flap( just because it looks nice).

Then glue the flaps to the back of the other envelopes.

This is what it will look like when done:

I already had  notes in the envelopes so you can't see some of the map background.  
Then all the envelopes will fold up accordion style like so:

 I just tied it with a ribbon that could be easily slipped off and on.

Now I only had 4 envelopes for the days Bubba would be gone, but found that I had to add one more blank one at the end because other wise Thursday's envelope would be upside and everything would fall out.

So what did I put in it?  Well I put letters in each envelope from our family and then each contained a little surprise.  I used a pack of Bubba's fave gum, some starbursts, money, and a long thin sour candy( don't know the name but they are like 10 for $1 at the dollar store).  

On pinterest the ideas were like a starbucks card, a map of the area they are traveling to, a kit kat, etc.  

I had to find things that wouldn't melt easily and obviously Bubba has a planned agenda so he doesn't need a tourist map.  Plus he isn't allowed food in the sleeping area so I didn't want to get him in trouble at all.  So it all depends on who the care packages are for, what kind of trip it is and where they are going I guess as to what you include.

I did tell Bubba about the package before he left and showed him how it worked and everything.  I thought about just slipping it in his bag but thought he needed more instructions on it.

He was really excited  about it (=

So the house is much quieter already.  I thought of several things I should have packed as we were loading him onto the bus this morning.  The Hubby said to me, "You're such a mom." Yep and proud of it.

Bubba does get to call home each night to talk for 5-10 minutes so that's nice. I am excited to hear how it all is going and what he is doing.  Sissy is looking forward to going next year but she is a social butterfly and has been to camp countless times so she couldn't understand why Bubba was nervous about going.

Funny how your children can be so very different from each other isn't it?

So today I feel off kilter ( no thanks to getting up super early and then laying back down for a bit) and have got nothing accomplished.  

And today is another SCORCHING day so you sweat just picking your nose( not that I have tried this).  Ugh.  

There is a million things I should be doing- laundry, painting, scraping off more wallpaper( we are finally painting the dining room tomorrow BTW!), looking over our homeschool curriculum, getting all of our paperwork ready for our scout troops's upcoming year( paperwork is due by August 1st), cleaning the house, planning our trip to Florida that is coming up next month...BUT perhaps we'll just lounge around and watch movies today and pray that they cancel the ballgame tonight due to the near 100 degree temps.

Yes, I think that's what I'll do.  

Procrastination wins out yet again.  

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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