Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Miss is "Tongue-Tied", For Real...

I have noticed that Little Misses tongue looked forked at times and didn't think much of it... till today.
 She had a check up because of reflux issues and the Dr noticed she was "tongue tied"  I though he was jut being funny until he started saying that she probably wouldn't have been able to breastfeed because of it and talked a  little bit about some possible complications in the future( I don't even recall what he said and he was very brief).
I have never heard of such a thing.  So i looked it up.  And now I am worried. 
It can cause a wide range of difficulties involving speech, sucking, chewing, licking an ice cream cone, kissing, severe dental problems, messy eating, low weight, vomiting, gagging, social issues( because of the range of different problems)  etc.
You just don't think of all the things you use your tongue for in life.  
It is highly hereditary( I don't know of anyone in either of our families that has this issue though), occurs in boys more than girls and usually happens in the 1st 3 months of development(kicking myself for not taking my folic acid).  It also looks different for each person( Little Misses is classified as looking 'heart shaped', meaning the top of the heart) and there are 4 different classes-mild, moderate, severe and complete depending on the length of the free tongue.  Little Miss is not complete I know and suspect she is not severe, but i will be looking at her more closely now.
So pretty much that little 'string' (frenum) under your tongue is too short  restricting movement.  It's too attached to the bottom of the mouth. Normally the excess 'string' would just kind of dissolve during those 1st 3 months of development.  Here is a picture of what it looks like(this is not Little Miss though)-
 People(and babies) can have surgery if necessary to help and I have read it is better to do it early before the string thickens more so I will talk about it with the Dr at her 2 month appt.  

My kids always have really weird problems it seems )=

But other than that Little Miss is looking great.  She is up to 9lbs 11oz!  She went from the 50th percentile 2 weeks ago to 75th this week.  So obviously the tongue tie is not affecting her weight.
Speaking of, I got to grab a bottle for her !  Ta-Ta!

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