Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Lanterns

Here are the steps to some easy, yet lovely, patriotic lanterns to spruce up your porch or deck:

Red, White and Blue Construction Paper
Fancy Edging Scissors
Stickers, Stencils, Stamps, Punch Outs, etc
Rope or Fishing Line  (optional)

1.Gather red,white and blue construction paper.  I had each of my kids do the 3 colors.  Then fold them in half(there are already strips cut into this one which is actually step 2)

Please note that we found it better to fold them the other way.  This way will give you really tall lanterns which were fine, but we felt the squatty lanterns looked better.

2. Cut strips into the folded side of the paper
We found that you really couldn't go wrong here.  Generally we kept the width to about an inch or so but Snuggle Bug cut them as small as 1/4" apart and it gave a cool affect too.

3. Open the paper up now and turn it 90 degrees( so the cuts are now going up and down).  Use fancy scissors to cut the top and bottom edge of the paper.
Ok, I opened up the paper to cut it, but I see that Sissy kept hers folded and cut. I guess either way works!

4. Once you have cut your fancy edge and have the slats going up and down, fold the non cut sides around and tape them together at the top and bottom( don't overlap) .  We also made sure that each crease of the slats was creased really well by going back around and pressing.

5.  Then you can add stars( we glued foam stars and stencils) to the lantern, or if you have the punch out tool for scrapbooking that would be perfect too.  Stamps also would do fine.  We just worked with what we had.

6. We added handles by cutting strips of construction paper and gluing them on the inside of the lantern.  You man mix and match colors or handles or keep them matching.  Up to you( or your kids!).

Here is the finished product minus the handle

And then we just got some rope and strung them on our front porch like so:
you can see that the blue ones were  folded lengthwise, that is why they are taller.

Now if you really want to make them look cool you can string lights and stick some down in each lantern.  Or you can add a bottom to the lanterns and put in a battery operated or solar tea light.  
Glowstick would work too I suppose.

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