Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Got to talk to Bubba this morning!!!  Woo-hoo!!  I feel so much better.  He got to run the Art Museum steps yesterday( the ones 'Rocky' ran).  He had never seen the Rocky movies so we showed him a clip online of the stair running scene so he'd have some idea of  the importance of it.

The kids went by the Liberty Bell( not sure that they actually stopped).  I had Bubba read a book we had about he Liberty Bell and it's history and significance before he left.  We also felt compelled to watch National Treasure again since most of it takes place in Philly and they plot line has to do with Ben Franklin and the Liberty Bell.  Did you know there are 13 signers of the declaration and constitution buried in Philly including Ben Franklin.  So cool.

Anyway...Bubba tried an authentic Philly steak and cheese sandwich which he liked( I think he said he ate it with onions even! Whose child is this??).  The group bought 2 lunches and gave them out to a couple of homeless people and then prayed with them.

The kids Bubba was with in the picture on the last post were from a kids camp the center is doing.  So he said they were heading out to pick up those kids again today.

He also said it was HOT.  They all ran through...a fire hydrant I think he said, or something of that nature.

He only had a few minutes to talk so that's all we got from him.  Can't wait to get all the details when we see Bubba tomorrow night!!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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