Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cracking the RV Code

We've been checking out RV's(recreational vehicles) and I have learned more about them in the last month then the rest of my life combined.  So for all of you who don't speak RV here is a little tutorial with pictures because who doesn't love pictures?

Confused yet?

Yeah so was I.

 RV is a general term used for all vehicles you use for recreation.  You can see where the name came from.  Then RV's get broken down into specific types:

The Class A Motorhomes mean the really big, bus like ones that you drive.  Think the movie "RV" with Robin Williams. Class B is a smaller driveable RV and then Class C Motorhome is considered a "Winnebago".  It has a truck chassis and you see the part that goes over the cab of the truck?  That is a sleeping area. That's how I can always pick them out.

Still with me? Hang in there.

The SURV Motorhome is often referred to as a Toy Hauler- it has living area plus an area in the back for your 'toys' ( 4 wheelers and such).  The travel trailer picture is so old.  That must have been taken back in the 70's.  But you attach the travel trailer to a truck or SUV and tow it.  You cannot ride in the trailer or anything that you tow while driving( no seat belts).  If you have seem the RV episode of Duck Dynasty you will understand when Si attempted something similar.

The 5th wheeler needs a truck to haul it.  You see that black thing sticking off the front, that connects to a special hitch in the bed of the truck.  The SURV Trailer is just for your 'toys' and then there is the pop up that folds down and then the truck camper.

My head hurts too.  Back to us though!

This is what we learned- 

We cannot have a driveable motorhome since the front area are seats so that means not enough sleeping area. So that rules out Class A, B and C.  Boo.

We cannot have a 5th wheel( even though they are very nice) because there is no truck that will tow it that will fit the 7 of us.  

And obviously a little pop up camper is not gonna do the trick for a family of 7 living in it for a year.

So that leaves us with a Travel Trailer(TT).  And there are about a thousand different kinds of those.

  But here is one we are looking at that we like:

It is 40 feet from hitch to back, about as big as they come.

In my next post I will tell you more about this TT and what we discovered was our lists of must haves in an RV.  I will be sure to include lots of pics of the interior too. 

And real quick, Sissy is on a missions trip right now to an inner city in the states.  Please pray they have a safe trip back home tomorrow night!  It is amazing how just having one child gone totally throws me off.  You really feel that hole in your family.  

Here is a pic of her spending time in the Cambodian neighborhood today that some of the leaders posted and shared:

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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