Saturday, July 27, 2013

Got a Bite

After feeling a bit discouraged this month with selling our house we finally got a legit bite.  The 1st open house we had there was a nice young couple who came through who were very interested and asking all kinds of in depth questions about loans and what not.  But then we heard nothing back and it's been 2 weeks.


They filled out a survey form at the end of the open house so we had their phone number but when I tried calling it wasn't working.


So I used my research skills and tracked them down on facebook( harder than you think because there are a lot of people with the same name) and messaged them.  Yep, total facebook creeper here.  But it went to their 'other' folder anyhow and they still hadn't viewed it as of today.  And I did stop short in friending them so I showed some restraint.

But i tried calling them again today in hopes that they were like us and just often use up their minutes and BINGO!  The wife was excited to hear from me and had a bunch more questions and said they would go to their bank definitely and let us know either way what they said.


We realize that is no guarantee but are still hopeful and excited about the possibilities.  Not everyone has to like our house, just one person does!  And after a month of repeated no shows by potential buyers we keep reminding ourselves of that.

We've also been going to look at travel trailers with our kiddos and we are all biting at the bit now to get on the road( no disrespect to our family who we will greatly miss!).  I will share some of that coming up with my promised post on what we are looking for in an RV.  I will also be posting about the costs of RV full time because quite frankly I am sick and tired of hearing everyone saying,"That will be expensive!"  So it's time to set the record straight on the matter.

Please be in prayer also about a very close family friend who suffered a major stroke last weekend at the age of 37. He is a father of 5 and the youth pastor and worship pastor at a local church and we also went to school with him.  Our two oldest kids are best friends with a couple of their older kids also.  They could sure use all the prayers they can get.

Many Blessings,
The Mama


  1. Love your persistence! I hope the sale of your house goes smoothly for you.