Friday, September 11, 2015

6 states in 6 days

(I started writing this at the begi nning of this month but have not had iternet to finish it. We are in philly today so i am able to post this as is,unfinished. Better than nothing. I may start vlogging instead. )we've been to new york,massachusetts, new hampshore,vermont,connecticut amd new jersey. I left offwith us heading to Old Fort Niag

gara. The nice lady who was at the desk informed us it would be cheaper just to buy a membership and so we did.  I think we saved $14 at least by going that route.  We'll have to remember to look in to that option at  various places from now on.

The fort was great!!  We all enjoyed it a lot.  I have discovered  that we are all extremely grumpy with each other if we are hungry.  So I packed a lunch that we enjoyed before we even went in.  Worked like a charm. We had happy campers all day =)

Here are a few of our many pictures-

It was built by the British to the chagrin on the French who were trying to corner the Niagara market and put down claims to the area.  The Brits got the native americans to approve the "house" by saying it was just that, when it really housed soldiers. It changed hands many times during the years and was last used int he War of 1812.

Dining Room


More food to keep the natives from getting restless.

Lake Ontario is behind the fort while the Niagara River is to the left.

Here are some more pics from our very enjoyable week long stay at Niagara County Campground. It was nice to put roots down for that long.

Making some biscuits and gravy over the fire.

We had a nice yard area across from our trailer for the kids to run around in
( they usually play football or frisbee)

Can we say CUTE?!

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