Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Voted "The Funnest So Far"

The day after going to NYC we were heading over to Hershey PA. We try to never put excursions back to back but we had to in this case because we were heading to Maryland the following day.

The drive to Hershey was 2 hours and we only planned on doing the free tour.  So I almost thought about scratching the trip. Especially after coming home Tuesday and my legs and feet killing me from all the walking in the city.  Hubby and I both said the next morning that our hips hurt.  We laughed and said that you know you're getting old when you have joint pain lol

We decided to still go though.  The thought of an excursion that didn't require any planning or strategizing seemed great. We slept in and didn't leave till 11am.

I am so glad we went!! The kids voted it their favorite place so far!  It was just plain ole fun, even for a dairy free girl.

We decided to do their 4D movie. It was neat and they did a good job including the kids who attended in the actual movie, but it was over priced. If we could do it over again we would skip this.

Bubba is a chocolate lover and this 5lb bar caught his eye.

Bubba finally decided on this 1 lb Kiss though that he bought with his own money

I even found some bars in this specialty line that were dairy free!!  woo-hoo!!

They also had different fudges,cookies,brownies,candied apples, dipped strawberries,popcorn and so much more

Sissy bought herself a reesse cup pretzel

Hubby tried a resse cup graham cracker confection

Tantalizing Cupcakes

The prices of their bakery items was really good surprisingly.  Their candy was priced regularly too,even some good deals were found.  I thought they might jack prices up but no.  It was fun to see all the stuff they had available.

Main St in Hershey PA-see the street lights? They're shaped like Kisses.

Sissy and Bubba went halves on a pack of 2 of these ginormous peanut butter cups.

The free tour was excellent too!!  My camera died so I didn't get any pictures unfortunately.I did get a few seconds of video though.  It was fun and yet you learned some things too.

I also met a lady named Jamie who had her 1 week old son with her.  We were chatting about breastfeeding(which I was doing while everyone else was eating their treats). Turns out Jamie's husband is in the military and they just moved to PA from San Diego.  She recommended some places to visit in San Diego when we get that way.  Praying for them as they settle in and for protection for her husband. So many stories out there...

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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