Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tropical Storm Joaquin

We finished up doing DC and Gettysburg last week and headed to Virginia yesterday.  I'll post about all that tomorrow.

But this quick post is about Tropical Storm Joaquin.  Forecasters are not sure what the track of the storm will be but regardless we will be getting quite a bit of rain from it.  It's already windy today as we are right along the east coast. The  storm affects this areas weather through Sunday. We will be here till Friday and then heading near Raleigh NC after that.  So still the bad weather area unfortunately.

We don't want to be traveling in down pours and high winds(winds could be 65 mph if it tracks near the coast). And we don't want soaked grounds at campgrounds( this campground just has grass sites, which means a muddy mess).

Why are those areas pointing right at us?


Pray that the storm heads way out to the ocean!

We've had to switch out plans around and cut some things out(the beach) due to the rain that is coming.  They say it will start tonight and rain tomorrow.  Then have a little break Weds and then start up again for the entire weekend. Pray they are right so we can do Williamsburg, Jamsetown, Yorktown Thursday.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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