Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween Fun

It has been years since we did pumpkins.  We have been fortunate that the kids always do that with their grandparents on both sides of the family.

One reason is it gets expensive when you have 6 kids!

But I knew the kids really wanted to carve/paint pumpkins so I picked up some small ones.

Sissy free-handed this 

Snuggle Bug's is to the right and Bubba's to the left.

Yep. Bubba's is a big hole.

He says he wanted to leave it "open for creative interpretation". My interpretation is lazy ;)

The campground we are at here on the gulf had a Halloween party that we went to.  Everyone brought an appetizer to share and they had a DJ playing. 
Our kids were the only children there but they still had a good time. 

 The men and women at the party were like grandparents to them and gave them candy and doted on them.

They had a pumpkin contest and this was one of the entries(and the winner)!  Sissy entered hers too and it held it's own pretty well in the painted category. Snuggle Bug wanted to put his in but we encountered something we have never had to deal with back home in October: 


Even though he did his pumpkin the week of Halloween it was already shriveling up from the warm temperatures. 

I bought a small bag of candy for the kids(holy crap candy is expensive!) plus they had a bunch from a gentleman at the party.
This is the annual 'trading of candy'.  Lots of wheeling and dealing going on.

Baby Girl went as a Gumball Machine

I just got a piece of self stick black foam, glittery silver tape and pompom balls. That is a newborn hat but the only stocking hat I had to glue the balls onto!  That's why it is so small on her. I cut out a circle out of poster board and drew a quarter on it as I carried Baby Girl around.

Little Miss was a princess (of course)
She loved getting her hair and make-up done.


Bubba was an 'Aircraft Carrier'

Snuggle Bug was a Mad Scientist
He had me draw crazy eyebrows on him and we all couldn't stop staring at him.  He looked so different!  His eyebrows are so light colored that you can't really see them normally.

Princess went as a tea bag.

They had tickets that were handed out for door prizes.
Two of our tickets got drawn for a free caricature drawing!
We also won 4 door prizes( 2 decorative pumpkins,a necklace and a set of candles).

And Sissy was Katniss Everdeen(her bow was on the table during this picture).

The party was 7-9 but the Notre Dame game started at 8pm.  Luckily, the TV room in the clubhouse was right by the party.  So the guys watched the game and us ladies joined them once the party was over.  The wonderful ladies at the party even brought in a bunch of leftovers for us to nosh on during the game.  Such sweethearts!

Most of those at the party were 60+ but they sure can have a good time!

Sissy said,"Man!  I never knew old people could party so hard!"

You think she would have already realized that after being around her 
grandparents  for so long! 


Many Blessings,
The Mama

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