Saturday, November 7, 2015

St Augustine, Bradenton, Turtle and Siesta Key

We are staying near the Sarasota area now and doing some beach hopping. The weather down here the past week  has actually been too warm.  Temps near 90 but with humidity its been around 100. It's been better the last couple days though thank goodness.

Here is the 2nd beach we went to on the Atlantic side: St Augustine. I did love how you can drive right out onto the beach all up and down the St Augustine shoreline.  It makes it so much easier than hauling all of our stuff a few blocks while trying to keep hold of the little ones!

Still a really windy day like the previous one.

See the sand blowing(looks like snow on the ground)??  
This was the point when we called it a day and left!

We were treated to this amazing rainbow right as we were leaving!  I have never seen one where the colors were as vibrant.  The pictures don't fully do it justice. God is an amazing artist!!

Here we are at Siesta Key Beach.  Now I know why it has been voted the best beach in America so many times! The soft,white  sand( though it tends to stick to everything) and the gorgeous waters-wow!  And there is no drop off in the water like there normally is at other beaches.  

We must not have applied as often as needed because we all got a little burnt despite only being there for a few hours.

The sand reminded me of the Moonsand that they sell(like playdough)

That Sissy and Bubba in the water and Snuggle Bug on the shoreline.

Sorry lady whose butt i got int he picture!

crystal clear water

Snuggle Bug got stung on his hand by a jellyfish. We saw like 5 of them in the water(appeared to be dead) previous to the incident. It stung pretty good for about an hour.  Contrary to popular belief you should not put urine on a jellyfish sting(Snuggle Bug was relieved to find this out), rather vinegar. 
 So now I carry some in the car with us just in case.

Daddy is holding Baby Girl while she is sleeping so I could enjoy the water a bit.

We had planned on getting our lunch at the beach because we knew they had a concession stand.  But for some reason the stand was closed.  They had some drink carts open though. What a bummer

 That is one reason we left the beach earlier than planned.

Next up is Bradenton Beach!  We had a great day there and stayed till sunset.  We were a little disappointed in the murky water though.

Little Miss

Photo Bomb

Again with my finger! 
 It was so bright out I couldn't see the screen to know my finger was in the way.

There was a restaurant behind us and one time I looked back and everyone on the beach had their backs turned away from the sunset.  

Have you guessed it?

They were all taking selfies and not even looking at the gorgeous view.

Sign of the times right?

We were going to go to Anna Maria Island yesterday but went towards Siesta Key instead.  Instead of driving another 40 minutes to Anna Maria we decided to head to Turtle Beach.

This beach wasn't as pretty or as big as the others but it was spectacular shelling!!  It would be great for snorkeling too as the kids saw some large striped fish in the water. 

There lots of these little exoskeletons in the water. 

Diving for shells

That is the beach umbrella bag filled with amazing shells!!

The kids asked to go back to this one another time before we leave the area.

Got to go meet another family who is full timing it too!

Many Blessings,
The Mama


  1. Make sure you boil the shells for a while. We brought some shells back from Florida and I opened the plastic bag up after we had been back about a week and some were still alive.

  2. Good tip!! They picked one up to find it already occupied and it did get me to wondering about the ones they had already gotten.