Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Washington DC Day 2 and 3

Still trying to catch up on blogging!!  Here is the rest of our DC trip:

National Zoo
(wonderful but we only allotted 1/2 a day and really could have used a full day)
$22 flat fee for parking but not bad for a group of 8 to visit a zoo

*I left out the snake pictures because Grandma is not a fan but I had to include this one where Little Miss turned around and said "Here is my freaked out face." 

poisonous frog

(there is a lion is on the very top in the background)

Whit House

Arlington Cemetery


Did you know that in March of the same year JFK died, he stood at the house pictured above(General Lee lived there BTW) and said he could stay there forever?  Sad.

View from JFK site to Lincoln Memorial

Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Lincoln Memorial
We were really looking forward to this one.

Vietnam Memorial

My oldest brother's Uncle, Joseph Arnold, is on the wall.

We were going to visit the National Holocaust Museum but decided to visit Mount Vernon instead.

We hear that The Holocaust Museum is tragically wonderful but also that you shouldn't try to "squeeze it in".  It is a full day thing.  Plus it deserves the proper amount of time and respect. So hopefully sometime in the future we can get back there to go through it.

Mount Vernon is fairly expensive to visit, but for all there is to do, it's not too bad.

Life size replicas of the Washingtons. George was like 6'4".

Mount Vernon

The view from the back porch of the Potomac

We couldn't take pictures inside of the house, but the kitchen was outside as was customary during those times. So we could take pics of that along with all the other buildings. 
 It is like a little town there. We only spent half the day but could have used a full day for sure. 
The museums are great!


Sissy and Princess don't have twins.  Bubba just did a panorama and it caught them walking so it looks like there are two of them.

This was really the best part of Mount Vernon-
Washington's Tomb

George is like right there.  Martha on the left and George to the right. Crazy

Actor portraying Washington's Valet

Actor portraying Martha

Pentagon 9/11 Memorial
So glad we got there at night when it was lit up

Do you see the man in the suit sitting on a bench toward the right of the pic?
He was there the entire time we were there.  Just sitting there.  Don't know if he knew the person whose bench he was sitting on or not.  Wish I would have asked but I didn't know how to without feeling intrusive.

All of the memorial benches are facing in the same direction toward the pentagon as the plane.

Benches that face away  from the pentagon signify those that were in the pentagon and those benches facing the pentagon represent those in the plane.

Overall we really loved DC and the area! I wish we could have had 4 days but oh well. 

Many Blessings
The Mama

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