Sunday, March 9, 2014


So we had our Open House today!

Here is the Dining Room "Show Ready"

White table cloth only goes on during showings or open houses, otherwise it would no longer be white.

Fresh flowers on the table.  I have a brown thumb so they will be dead by tonight.

And see those pretty plates?  Those are the new ones I picked up to go in our RV =)

We spent ALL DAY yesterday cleaning. I also scrubbed grout on Friday and resanded/satined/poly-ed a spot on the wood floor that had some scratches from a chair. We've been slacking on some of the more detailed cleaning around the house lately and we sure paid for it yesterday.  We end up spending the night at my in-laws last night so that we didn't have to dirty more dishes or make beds or anything this morning.

After talking with our realtor, I think it paid off though. Of course we would have loved to have an offer in hand but that's ok ;)

There were 2 groups that went through and each group liked the house but both said it would be at least a couple months before they could buy a home.

One group actually said that they hoped our house was still on the market in a few months because they liked it so much.

Sissy was like,"A COUPLE MONTHS?!"

But I reminded her that our RV is being worked on this month and then I have to redo the interior and get it all set up which will take all of April probably.  So then that already brings us to May-a couple months away. Doesn't sound so long when you look at it that way.

We also got word of another couple really likes our home and has been wanting to look at it.  They didn't make it to the open house today but hopefully they will schedule a showing.

So now I am focusing on getting rid of even more stuff.  I was really wanting to start weeding through things this week after getting the RV on Monday.  But with an open house looming I knew it was no time to start pulling stuff out of closets and drawers.

Thanks to all those who prayed for a successful open house!  Oh and on another cool note, a friend from church and his wife went and prayed over our camper(he is the one who knows the dealer).

 How awesome is that?!  

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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