Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RV Pictures Inside and No Triple Bunks

Wanted to take a sec and share some pictures from the inside of our trailer.  

Please keep in mind that it will be getting a make-over soon!  

Double Bunks.  After remeasuring, we have decided not to do triple bunks.  The top 2 bunks would only have about 10" of space due to the mattress and support being 7 1/2" thick.  Princess and Snuggle Bug wouldn't even be able to turn on their sides is we did triple bunks!! We would also lose the usability of the top window because the mattress would completely covered the screen where it can open.  So we will just put down the dinette each night.  Not ideal, but we'll roll with it(literally!).  The kids were ok with it so that's what matters.

Yep, it's tiny.  Pretty typical of an RV.

View from the bathroom. The previous owners installed the new wood flooring.  

Dinette and 7' couch that folds down into a jack knife bed.

There is a huge closet( huge in RV terms) for all the kids to share.

View from Master Bedroom looking at bathroom door.

Short Queen Bed.  We are having that wardrobe removed to the right that you see.  Hate to take out storage but we need to scoot the bed all the way against that right wall in order to make room for Little Misses play yard to the far left.  It was an issue we would have had to deal with in 95% of the trailers we looked at.

Entertainment Center diagonal from couch.

Kitchen- and a little fridge =(

The bunks again and you can see a nice kitchen pantry to the right of the bunks. It does have a hanging rod and removal shelves if we wanted to use it for coats or a wardrobe too.  You see the accordion door that goes all the way across also.  

We went last Friday and spent a few hours in the RV.  I brought some supper and the dealer hooked the trailer all up for us.  We played games and did some more planning and measuring.  None of us wanted to leave.  But the Hubby had to work on Saturday morning so we couldn't spend the night.  
We had a great time though.

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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