Friday, March 7, 2014

We Bought an RV!!

Yep, that's right we have a travel trailer.  It has been a grueling process searching for one.  The main issue is the same with any used item you buy-TRUST.  Who can you trust to be honest?  I would find trailers we loved at good prices only to look up reviews for the dealer and find horror story after horror story.  Very discouraging.

But here is the one God led us to:

It is a 2000 Jayco Eagle 31 ft.

 A guy at our church had given us the contact info of a dealer he recommended( trust worthy, strong Christian values).  I contacted the dealer and told him what we were looking for and he emailed me back with in a week saying he had one we might be interested in.

After looking at pics we really weren't impressed and felt it was over priced.  One of the main issues was it only had 2 bunks.  We weren't totally against 2 bunks but only because most 2 bunkers are cheaper.  Our boys end up sleeping together each night so they could share a pull out if need be.

Anyway, we had 2 more TT that we REALLY liked that we were researching and praying about.  One was perfect(2002 Ducthmen).  Tons of room at 38' and almost everything on our wish list.  But could we pull such a monster?  In the end we felt it would be too difficult for us being such newbies.  I was sad. =(  I loved that one.

Then the other unit was much newer and only 30'(2008 Mackenzie). Quad bunks.  But we discovered some problems and it just didn't feel right to any of us.  Our prayer was that God would make it clear if it was the one for us or not.  And he did. Nope.

So I pulled up the pics of the Jayco again to pray about it with an open heart.  At this same time the dealer emailed that he wanted to help us out and came down quite a bit on the price.  So we went to look at it.  The 1st look wasn't perfect( dealers truck got stuck in the snow so couldn't hook up the electric in the TT which meant the slide was in).  But even so, we felt pretty certain that this was OUR trailer.  But, as always we prayed about it and set up a time to look at it when it was all hooked up.

Then we bought it on the spot!

It's so nice to be able to TRUST a salesman.  Peace of mind is worth so much.

And we are going to have the double bunks converted into triple bunks and we are able to move the master bed over to allow room for Little Miss and her play yard.  This was another trust thing with God.  We had no idea where Little Miss would fit and then it suddenly hit me right before we were to look at the TT again.  And sure enough, it's an easy enough adjustment!

I will be redoing the interior too.  Think 'beach cottage'.  Whites, blues, aquas and corals.  I'll be painting all the cabinetry white and painting walls, redoing curtains, recovering the couch and dinette- the works.  Lot's of before and after pics to come!!

An older model was perfect for us because we can make it ours and personalize it.  =)

It will stay at the dealer's for a few more weeks and then it will sit at our house and I will get started redecorating and getting some organizational items and maybe even move some stuff in.


Our next step is getting a new to us vehicle.  We are looking at Chevy 3500 15 passenger vans.  We have found some great prices so we need to sell our vehicle to put towards it.  A lot to pray about.

We don't want to run ahead of God.  We try to let him do his thing in his time and not force things to happen before they are suppose to ;)

We also have an open house this Sunday.  Please be in prayer that it goes well.  It feels like a lot of pieces are falling into place now.  Maybe that means it's finally time to sell our home too.  A little bitter sweet I admit. I cry when I think how Little Miss will never remember this house =(  Some great memories here.

There are also things happening with our campground ministry too( performing worship music and showing our Pastor's taped messages every week).  I will save that for another post as this one has run long as is.

I have about 10 posts in the works, so stay with me people!  Things are happening!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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  1. That is one beautiful trailer! I completely agree with you on the fact that you can't buy a used item so easily. You have to go through its every nook and detail before you buy it. I'm really glad to hear that you finally found the perfect trailer for you. I bet you're having tons of fun with your new RV. Keep us updated on all your adventures. We would love to hear about them. All the best!

    Austin Hawkins @ Champion Trailers