Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our Campground Ministry

When God first slapped us upside the head laid it on our hearts to do this RV trip, we simply thought God wanted us to spend quality time together and have fun.  I do recall saying in the weeks after our announcement that somebody out there might just need us to tell them the good news of Jesus.

What I did not expect however was that God was really setting us up for a ministry.

It was actually the Hubby that God spoke to about this aspect of our travels, not me.  Honestly it freaked me  out more than a little.

Hubby has played the guitar for about 10 years.  He took lessons and then just played every now and then for fun.  But suddenly Hubby felt sure that God wanted him to do worship music at the campgrounds.  We are a very musical, sing-y type family.

I think I was the one that said that maybe we could also show our church's weekly messages that are posted online.  Not a big deal, just sit by the fire and sing a few songs for whoever wanted to join us and then people could watch the sermon on the computer or something.  Very informal.  I didn't feel it was a ministry at all.  I was thinking like 6 people maybe.

My how God has grown it into something more over the past 9 months!

We are in the midst of purchasing a sound system and now are thinking about projectors to show the sermon and printing lots of fliers to pass out each week with dates and times.  And then bibles would be nice for those that don't have them.  Oh and then maybe something for the kids and we'll need microphones too...

We are now like, whoa-this is a ministry!!

God did a bait and switch I think lol

He knew if he came at us with traveling the country as kind of, well, domestic missionaries if you will, we would have for sure turned tail and ran.  Who the heck are we to do such a thing?  Just regular old sinners like everyone else.

So that brings us to today, March 19th, 2014.  Something had been tugging at my mind the last few weeks but I kept brushing it off.  Almost too embarrassed to say anything to Hubby about it.  But today I did.

I said,"I have been kind of thinking about something lately but I don't know what to make of it.  I am just throwing it out there for discussion.  

What if we would raise funds for the campground ministry?"

What had bothered me about this idea maybe boils down to pride.  Can we really ask people for help in paying for this trip???

This is also going to be a fun family time too.  We can't ask people to fund what seems like a vacation!   But just because we might enjoy it doesn't mean it's not a ministry, right?  In the beginning this didn't really seem like fun, it seemed like a sacrifice to leave our home, our belongings, our families.  It is only through God that he has changed our hearts into not only accepting this mission but embracing it.

So what did Hubby say in response to me?

Something like,"No way!"


He said he had been thinking the same exact thing but afraid to mention it.  

Hmmm...coincidence?  I think not.

We discussed how much our focus had shifted from family vacation to the ministry side of it.  How we have already had  people asking how they could help financially.  We wouldn't ask anyone to pay for the outings we want to do as a family, but if God was moving in people's hearts to help cover some of the expenses to travel from campground to campground and share Jesus, well then, let's give them the opportunity.  It is very humbling to think about it.

We don't feel we are doing anything special, just being obedient.  

Most people think we are just plain nuts anyway.

So now you will see a paypal button at the top right of my blog.  It tells a little about what our ministry is and some of the expenses associated with it.  If you feel led to give, feel free.  If not, that is ok too =)  We have no expectations.

We know God will provide one way or the other so we aren't worried.  The sale of our house will pay for majority of our travels and expenses.  Though we would like to lower the price on our house in order to sell quicker but feel unable to do that given we need the equity to compensate for no income while we are on the road.

There are also things to purchase before we leave like leveling blocks for the RV, portable tanks, camping gear, cargo rack, weight distribution bar, bigger hitch, etc.  Let's not forget a new(to us) 15 passenger van  to tow the RV lol  Minor details.

Seriously though, we aren't sweating it.  We have learned that if God provides the vision then He will provide the means too.  Our adoption was a prime example of that.

But really, above all else, we cherish prayers the most.  =)

Thanks to everyone who has been following our journey and we hope you will continue to be with us as we embark on this new path God has us on!

Many Blessings,
The Mama


  1. Jen, I am so glad you said that -- I have been reading your blog and was thinking that a campaign on "Go Fund Me" would be perfect for your ministry. You are doing what we wish we were able to do, but don't have the means. I don't know if you know about Go Fund Me, but it's a great tool for something like this!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I actually started a profile on gofundme and really liked their set up, but was a little disappointed in the 7.9% that they take from all donations. =(

  3. True, but paypal also takes money - not sure how much

  4. You're exactly right ;) Paypal's takes 2.3%.

  5. I love your passion and your faithfulness to step out there. I loved this blog and how God turned into one simple idea in your heads and has turned into his glory. I can't wait to hear about your trip but also the stories of people you will meet and get to witness to.

  6. We would still love to come to your neck of the woods and stop in for a visit if you'll have us, Heather! It would likely be on the last part of our trip next summer-ish.